Korting safaripark beekse bergen anwb

korting safaripark beekse bergen anwb

EEP ) in the collection of the safari park are: red ruffed lemur, ring-tailed lemur, African wild dog, leopard, African elephant, white rhinoceros, Grévy zebra, Rothschild giraffe, African penguin, white-cheeked gibbon, red panda, Siberian tiger, Przewalski horse, Mesopotamic deer, Vietnamese sika. Kom oog in oog te staan met wilde dieren in Safaripark Beekse Bergen. It is located between the cities. Objectives edit Safaripark Beekse Bergen has a few idealistic objectives. Trek je wandelschoenen aan, verken de uitgestrekte vlaktes en ontmoet de dieren in hun habitat. Furthermore, a bird show was opened in 1984, which was another unique experience for the Netherlands. In the future, all these animals will be moved to other zoos or are put into conservation programmes. The park is owned by the company Libéma Exploitatie BV, which is one of the largest leisure-related companies in the Netherlands. Since a few years Libéma is also the owner of Speelland Beekse Bergen, which is an amusement park for families with children.

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Ga op avontuur met je eigen auto, bepaal zelf je tempo en spot de ruim 1400 wilde dieren. The European section has been removed, with scottish highland cattle and European red deer being the only remnants of those times. Leuke bijkomstigheid was de tickets met korting via de anwb. Toon aanbieding, getest 1,50 korting als je online tickets bestelt bij Safaripark Beekse Bergen! Two years later two extra terrains were opened, in which leopards and baboons could be seen.